Products Lists
Products Lists
Greenworld Nursery Co., Ltd was found differently from other plants exporter in China. We are professional in Growing plants, so we can give abandunt experience for you to take care of the plants after your importation to avoid the lost of died plants; we are professional in packing different plants when exported, proper packing will make good condition and make plants alive during the transport in the container; we are professional container loaders, we have loading container experts who have years of experience of loading different plants s from very small to huge into the container, proper loading is very important to avoid damage; we are professional phytosanitary controller, to eliminate different pest, virus and insect for the safety of entry to your country and easily past the phytosantiary inspection test when the container arrive in your country, and so far we our containers all arrive in our Customers safely, because we must check the client’s import regulation and phytosanitary details before exportation and we work close with Chinese Agriculture Inspection officials to know all details plants inspecton information; we are professional company working with different shipping companies and agents, so we can source the best service and best price sea freight for you to save your cost and arrive in your port safely. In one word, we do all one line business.
With our good quality and competitive price plants, we have sucessfully exported different kinds of plants to England, Germany, Poland, Holland, Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, etc European countries and Bahrain, Qatar, Lebanon, Dubai, Jordan, Saudi arabia,etc Middle-east countries, and some other coutries in Asia, South America with the toally countries to be more than eighty.
We have Specific Nurseries for most of plants (Cycas revoluta, palm trees, bonsai trees, cactus, indoor plants, ornamental plants, Virescence trees), for example, we have quantities of cycas revoluta from trunk height 5cm to 1.5m 300000pcs, and trachycarpus fortunei palm trees 200000pcs from trunk height 50cm to 4m, and we have Nursery for potted plants with coco-peat for Specific confirmed order from different countries. and our plants variety have already excess 100 species. If you have any idea plants to order but not in our cataluge, please send us the names and then we will help source the plants in China for you and export to you with competitive price, so we sincerely welcome you can come and visit our nursery and choose the plants you are interested to order.
Precently our company we have two branches, with our General office in the world of flower, chencun town, shunde district, Foshan city, Guangdong province, which is only 20 minutes from Capital city center-Guangzhou city and 30 minutes from the canton fair exhibition site and 35 minutes from Guangzhou internation airport- BaiYun airport. It is very convenient for your travelling and visit. And second branch Trachycarpus-fortunei Co.,Ltd in Guangzhou Flower market, Fangcun district, Guangzhou city.
We sincerely welcome your visit and your present to order